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Definition of forage:

  1. Food of any kind for animals, especially for horses and cattle, as grass, pasture, hay, corn, oats.
  2. The act of foraging; search for provisions, etc.
  3. To strip of provisions; to supply with forage; as, to forage steeds.
  4. To wander or rove in search of food; to collect food, esp. forage, for horses and cattle by feeding on or stripping the country; to ravage; to feed on spoil.


nourishment, pastureland, supergrass, food, leave no stone unturned, pasturage, victuals, scrounge, sess, diet, schnorr, green goddess, search out, feed, rustle, aliment, viands, foraging, pick through, skunk, sens, bone meal, browse, ley, go through, provender, pabulum, turn inside out, birdseed, herbage, seek out, grazing land, sustenance, nutriment, hunt down, cud, beat the bushes, fare, fodder, gage, ransack, pasture, birdseed, weed, feedbag, dope, fishmeal, investigate, turn upside down, grass, pot, nutrition, eatage, smoke, shake down, cadge, dog biscuit, locoweed, corn, shnorr, regimen, look out for, lea.

Usage examples: