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Definition of foreshorten:

  1. Fig.: To represent pictorially to the imagination.
  2. To represent on a plane surface, as if extended in a direction toward the spectator or nearly so; to shorten by drawing in perspective.


hack, bowdlerize, sign, quash, concentrate, press, compact, skip, cut down, trend, subjugate, snub, veer, cut back, sheer, issue, deoxidize, melt off, turn out, repress, constrict, prune, switch off, shorten, trim down, tighten, condense, narrow, burn, scale down, geld, boil down, deoxidise, make out, slenderize, rationalise, thin, dilute, abridge, swerve, bring down, slim, turn off, slew, tailor, slim down, reduce, trim, cut off, bowdlerise, subdue, undertake, lose weight, get, abbreviate, take, slue, curve, compress, sign on, expurgate, contract, castrate, ignore, keep down, write out, trim back, come down, decoct, rationalize, edit out, edit, thin out, shrink, disregard, cut, sign up, squeeze.

Usage examples: