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Definition of harp:

  1. A constellation; Lyra, or the Lyre.
  2. A grain sieve.
  3. A musical instrument consisting of a triangular frame furnished with strings and sometimes with pedals, held upright, and played with the fingers.
  4. To dwell on or recur to a subject tediously or monotonously in speaking or in writing; to refer to something repeatedly or continually; - usually with on or upon.
  5. To play on the harp.
  6. To play on, as a harp; to play ( a tune) on the harp; to develop or give expression to by skill and art; to sound forth as from a harp; to hit upon.


dwell, psaltery, inhabit, mouth organ, mouth harp, musical instrument, populate, lie, lyre, brood, folk harp, Aeolian harp, clarsach, consist, zither, triple harp, Irish harp, Welsh harp, Celtic harp, live, lie in, pedal harp, harmonica.

Usage examples: