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Definition of overlay:

  1. A covering.
  2. A piece of paper pasted upon the tympan sheet to improve the impression by making it stronger at a particular place.
  3. of Overlie
  4. To lay, or spread, something over or across; hence, to cover; to overwhelm; to press excessively upon.
  5. To put an overlay on.
  6. To smother with a close covering, or by lying upon.


get over, spread, cover up, spread over, cross, wrap up, insure, pass over, overlie, plow, overlap, cut across, overlayer, cap, put on, embrace, load, compensate, cover, brood, handle, hatch, overload, cram, treat, incubate, report, track, traverse, continue, address, burden, deal, hide, cut through, breed, underwrite, encompass, sheathing, encumber, extend, overcompensate, get across, comprehend.

Usage examples: