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Definition of sow:

  1. A female pig or swine; the principal bar in the cast run off from a smelting- furnace, the numerous small bars branching off from it on the right and left being called pigs.
  2. To scatter on the ground for the purpose of growth; to spread seed over tilled soil, as a field or garden; to spread; to scatter; to propagate.


spray, instill, use a broadcast, inseminate, strew, cow, pepper, aerate, set out, hind, deadhead, ewe, bonsai, compost, jenny, dam, do the, scatter, bed out, fertilise, use a drill, put in small grain, dot, sow in, set, drill in, der, inculcate, bitch, infix, propagate, doe, bestrew, feed, hen, ding, broadcast, girl, cross-fertilize, sough, cross-pollinate, d down, drill, breed, spot, put in, plant, start, seed down, seed, fertilize, fecundate, sprinkle, duck, enroot, disseminate.

Usage examples: