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Definition of overture:

  1. A composition, for a full orchestra, designed as an introduction to an oratorio, opera, or ballet, or as an independent piece; - called in the latter case a concert overture.
  2. A proposal; an offer; a proposition formally submitted for consideration, acceptance, or rejection.
  3. An opening or aperture; a recess; a recess; a chamber.
  4. Disclosure; discovery; revelation.
  5. To make an overture to; as, to overture a religious body on some subject.


plan of attack, induction, approach shot, rise, advancement, barbel, coming, warm-up, words, counterpoint, progress, prelude, approach, arpeggio, accompaniment, glide path, cash advance, procession, antenna, suggestion, nomination, recommendation, prolegomenon, betterment, coda, glide slope, approaching, access, start, cadence, progression, feeler, foreword, voluntary, crescendo, breakbeat, proposition, attack, preliminary, flourish, descant, improvement, curtain-raiser, approach path, forward motion, excerpt, lead-in, onward motion, prelim, proposal, advance.

Usage examples: