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Definition of prideful:

  1. Full of pride; insolent.


crank, biggety, victorious, triumphal, glorying, self-important, snide, sniffy, proud, joyful, attitude, overweening, high-and-mighty, consequential, authoritarian, cock-a-hoop, stuck-up, elated, grand, imperious, haughty, egotistic, insulting, important, insolent, swashbuckling, self-opinionated, swellheaded, smug, rejoicing, self-satisfied, bigheaded, respect, exulting, supercilious, vain, highfalutin, vainglorious, dictatorial, triumphant, egoistic, lordly, pompous, contemptuous, self-conceited, sneering, assured, disdainful, gleeful, lofty, overbearing, superior, Midland, complacent, exultant, self-respecting, scornful, arrogant, crowing, swaggering, august, jubilant.

Usage examples: