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Definition of prune:

  1. A dried plum.
  2. To dress or trim, as trees or shrubs, to improve their growth; to divest of anything superfluous.


hack, slue, nip off, skip, preen, myrobalan, nut, tailor, discerp, clothe, cut off, snip off, get dressed, coif, coiffure, set, write out, habilitate, trim down, sever, curry, sheer, eliminate, dump, ignore, issue, cut, geld, make out, garnish, Bosnian, garb, trend, swerve, fit out, restrict, cut down, apologise, compost, cut back, line up, aerate, dilute, trim back, primp, chop, bed out, cultivate, dress, poll, curb, trim, curve, apparel, feed, thin, decorate, deadhead, disregard, St Julien, rationalise, Stanley, tog, shed, edit out, replace, rationalize, slew, increase, browse, foreshorten, range, work, lop, justify, remove, Italian-Fellemberg, pasture, crop, dispose of, thin out, cross-pollinate, coiffe, bonsai, switch off, enclothe, do, turn out, cut short, snip, flash back, jog, discard, cross-fertilize, slash, drill, sultana, arrange, veer, excuse, graze, garment, plume, peppercorn, burn, clip, edit, bring down, throw away, raiment, groom, dress out, eradicate, dress up, trot, snub, turn off, apologize, do away with.

Usage examples: