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Definition of recognise:

  1. To know again; to recollect or recover the knowledge of; to avow; to admit with a formal acknowledgment.


fill out, write out, see, experience, sleep together, get by, discern, realize, spot, describe, grapple, cognise, love, severalise, actualise, fare, cut, manage, realise, make do, bring in, pick out, choose, have sex, have a go at it, secernate, receipt, bonk, get it on, complete, live, jazz, neck, contend, cope, gain, cognize, understand, accredit, distinguish, recognize, tell, get along, screw, be intimate, have it off, hump, earn, blot, lie with, mark, substantiate, tell apart, discover, secern, do it, sleep with, fleck, take in, fill in, come, have it away, key out, pull in, greet, espy, credit, do, spy, key, agnize, eff, make, identify, make out, know, issue, bed, actualize, admit, signalize, clear, bang, blob, make love, name, get laid, have intercourse, notice, select, blemish, severalize, acknowledge, separate, take, signalise, agnise, differentiate, roll in the hay, descry, deal.

Usage examples: