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Definition of acknowledge:

  1. To of or admit the knowledge of; to recognize as a fact or truth; to declare one's belief in; as, to acknowledge the being of a God.
  2. To own as genuine; to assent to, as a legal instrument, to give it validity; to avow or admit in legal form; as, to acknowledgea deed.
  3. To own or recognize in a particular character or relationship; to admit the claims or authority of; to give recognition to.
  4. To own with gratitude or as a benefit or an obligation; as, to acknowledge a favor, the receipt of a letter.


grant, live, do it, moon, screw, allow in, detect, allow, bed, be/feel obligated to someone, recognize, cognise, appreciate, receipt, agree, cherish, agnize, discover, study at, realise, knowledge, comment, get laid, eff, fess up, let on, pick out, disclose, have a go at it, hold, sleep with, admit, observe, pay your respects (to someone), know, realize, confess, prize, hand-wringing, be intimate, experience, see in, respect, own, have sex, take, point out, remark, make love, flag down, notice, shout out, cognize, meet, discern, make out, spot, jazz, subscribe to, come clean, put someone/something before/over/above, present, intromit, tell apart, respond to, let in, lie with, sleep together, hump, include, flip off, owe, bonk, roll in the hay, make much of something, high five, find, have it off, concede, take on, recognise, beckon, fess, note, have it away, love, distinguish, uphold, agnise, indicate, dig, value, avow, accommodate, thank, have intercourse, bang, confirm, motion, set/put/lay (great) store by/on something, get it on, attach importance/significance/value/weight to something.

Usage examples: