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Definition of resemble:

  1. To be like or similar to; to bear the similitude of, either in appearance or qualities; as, these brothers resemble each other.
  2. To cause to imitate or be like.
  3. To counterfeit; to imitate.
  4. To liken; to compare; to represent as like.


bear analogy, be a dead-ringer for, be comparable to, agree, be like, come near, bear a likeness, have all the signs of, be the very image of, bear a resemblance to, have all the earmarks of, coincide, favor, compare with, m like, be similar to, take after, follow, sound like, match, come close to, smack of, correspond to, remind one of, be the spit and image of, relate, bring to mind, appear like, same, pass for.

Usage examples: