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Definition of cohere:

  1. To be united or connected together in subordination to one purpose; to follow naturally and logically, as the parts of a discourse, or as arguments in a train of reasoning; to be logically consistent.
  2. To stick together; to cleave; to be united; to hold fast, as parts of the same mass.
  3. To suit; to agree; to fit.


go, chord, correspond, federate, stick by, make sense, wedge, vex, amaze, sort, harmonize, associate, puzzle, coalesce, hold fast, hang, confederate, conjoin, fit, stay, club, perplex, lodge, pose, suggest, tally, mean, league, beat, bond, accord, sting, baffle, comport, cooperate, stay put, cling, record, adhere, stand by, bewilder, stick around, unite, jibe, dovetail, say, follow, get, agree, denote, split, sense, stick, flummox, band, connote, consist, mystify, deposit, stupefy, stick to, rhyme, rive, gravel, nonplus, square, answer, fall into place, intend, cleave, dumbfound.

Usage examples: