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Definition of contact:

  1. The touching or close union of bodies; touch.


from, advert, connexion, hit, attain, come through, middleman, opposition, butt against, hold, progress to, disturb, touch on, run across, data link, contingence, finish off, diaphragm, speck, bear upon, touch, strain, sink in, gather, come to, accordingly, bridge, run into, trace, patch through, affaire, dawn, fill, touch modality, articulation, teledensity, mate, make, companion, knock-on, cut out the middleman, match, telecommunications, access, cutaneous senses, suffer, hand, jot, four-eyes, meet, circuit breaker, converge, tactile sensation, radio link, fulfill, march, maintain, rival, edge, contact lens, thus, partake, reach, see, eyeglasses, tint, buddy, consequently, tie, arrive at, pinch, tactual sensation, clear up, get to, take, spot, liaison, divorce, joint custody, encounter, forgather, tap, conduit, adjoin, friend, chum, signature, tinge, firm friends, interaction, hence, impact, shock, pass on, wrap up, frames, interlocutor, foregather, play, fulfil, hitting, equal, striking, circuit board, confidante, while away, tinct, alimony, transmission, finish up, sense of touch, co-respondent, wi-fi, conflict, correspondence, connected, receive, get together, touching, allude, ex, circuit, cross-fertilization, correspond, eyewear, intimacy, as a consequence/in consequence, tie-in, girlfriend, dark glasses, inter-group communication, satisfy, concern, therefore, concussion, polish off, get through, cope with, link, collision, impinging, accomplish, extend to, amour, cathode, give, assemble, coil, nexus, handling, linkup, ensuing, pat, jobber, penetrate, hear from, take on, hint, dissolution, achieve, get across, involvement, come across, pertain, physical contact, gain, strive, pass, circuitry, skin senses, acquaintance, grasp, touch base, source, bifocals, refer, clashing, relate, fall into place, bear on, intercommunication, fit, stir, seize, dissolve, soupcon, earpiece, conform to, wholesaler, connectedness, turn over, come home, click, by virtue of something, see the last of someone/something, get hold of, amigo, self-expression, ghost, touch sensation, mop up, anode, be in touch (with someone), grip, affair, have-to doe with, silence, discourse, affect, communication, mite, clutch, clash, butt on, tangency.

Usage examples: