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Definition of coordinate:

  1. Of equal order; of the same rank or degree.


get up, bend, suit, coequal, beckon, block graph, beautiful, consecrate, organize, curve, kick, cross section, correlative, align, fellow, attune, tune, like, systematize, combats, adjust, structure, unionize, beachwear, black, line up, unify, accessory, devise, tone, stretch, coordinates, marshal, match, proportion, mastermind, conform, spread, reorganize, prepare, reach out, compeer, black tie, ordinate, parallel, blend, bell curve, agree, open, engineer, accommodate, reconcile, organise, axis, codify, aline, machinate, catch someone's fancy, diagram, rival, synthesize, ordain, equivalent, array, wave, shine, harmonize, baggies, orchestrate, restructure, form, co-ordinate, feel/look like a million dollars/bucks, casuals, unionise, integrate, cut a fine/ridiculous etc. figure, operate, order, fold your arms/hands, equal, bar graph, peer, be someone's type, be/look a picture, correspondent, civvies, close, extend, prioritize, counterpart.

Usage examples: