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Definition of curve:

  1. To bend.
  2. To cause to bend.


thin, axis, cup, cut down, work, ballpark, slant, bicycle lane, contract, design, abbreviate, deviate, chicane, swirl, trim back, influence, connection, frizzle, disregard, diagram, plication, ball boy, curl up, weave, cut, coordinate, shape, swing, screwball, make out, cut off, worm, revolve, write out, bulge, sheer, baseline, roll, block graph, geld, persuade, breast, chart, rationalize, circuit, slip, wriggle, twist around, curvature, squirm, coil, bosom, bend, deform, knockers, thin out, crimp, skid, bar graph, issue, shorten, stoop, abridge, turn off, thread, tailor, writhe, crook, wind, bias, breaker, wrick, slide, turn out, incline, frizz, wrench, bust, trim, swerve, carpool lane, meander, pervert, curved shape, breaking ball, lift, inflection, rationalise, mold, straighten, angle, veer, cut back, form, twine, slew, arc, cleavage, wind up, distort, at bat, submit, wreathe, straight, boob, open up, ignore, bending, edit, flexure, trim down, foreshorten, drop, bike lane, cone, central reservation, reduce, band, convolute, hoist, toot, nose, trend, in, yield, reshape, bell curve, rick, switch off, bubble, wave, hooters, kink up, kink, crape, diverge, turn, batboy, burn, base, bender, out, cloverleaf, sprain, ball, sophisticate, carousal, curve ball, fold, falsies, corner, booze-up, wrestle, hack, ball girl, dilute, slue, bend dexter, wander, edit out, scent, undulate, whirl, twirl, prune, bring down, curl, baseball, carouse, crease, loop, wrap, arch, cross section, rotate, snake, skip, balloon, draw in, balk, snub, bowl, spin.

Usage examples: