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Definition of interpolate:

  1. To alter or corrupt by the insertion of new or foreign matter; especially, to change, as a book or text, by the insertion of matter that is new, or foreign to the purpose of the author.
  2. To fill up intermediate terms of, as of a series, according to the law of the series; to introduce, as a number or quantity, in a partial series, according to the law of that part of the series.
  3. To renew; to carry on with intermission.


infer, extrapolate, spay, castrate, generalise, wangle, fake, modify, generalize, vary, inject, misrepresent, interject, falsify, cook, warp, manipulate, alter, change, introduce, interpose, insert, put in, neuter, fudge, distort, garble, interlard.

Usage examples: