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Definition of relate:

  1. To ally by connection or kindred.
  2. To bring back; to restore.
  3. To make reference; to take account.
  4. To recount; to narrate; to tell over.
  5. To refer; to ascribe, as to a source.
  6. To stand in some relation; to have bearing or concern; to pertain; to refer; - with to.


consort, apply, tell, allude, recite, link up, connect, assort, occupy, refer, empathize, pertain, hit, match, cite, stir, colligate, interest, bear on, restore, adjoin, associate, have-to doe with, plug into, preserve, consult, touch on, partake, bring up, words, click, resuscitate, tinge, denote, unite, continue, subsume, sympathize, worry, fix, same, appertain, push, mention, look up, link, interrelate, rival, identify, bushel, revive, uphold, name, come to, strike, advert, contact, recount, tie-in, furbish up, touch, doctor, carry on, affect, communicate, rehearse, tie, plug in, disturb, yoke, consociate, meet, compare, reach, get in touch, tinct, report, tint, equal, conjoin, mend, concern, extend to, describe, narrate, impact, repair, relevant, combine, touch base, bear upon.

Usage examples: