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Definition of connect:

  1. To tie or link together; to knit or fasten together; to join or unite; to combine or associate; to have a close relation.


aboard, bludgeon, assort, ascend, combine, assemble, hook, fit, fall/fit into place, teledensity, booking, end, clip, punch, bring together, booking office, colligate, ground, deduce, differentiate, screw, concatenate, fit out, coalesce, interlink, conjoin, book on, same, tell/see the difference, reach, bus, beat up, yoke, unify, identify, click, set against, link, tie-in, catenate, interfuse, compound, bookable, carry, divide, touch base, dissociate, moor, bear on, connection, compare, arr., smack, aisle seat, work out, subsume, bend, bifurcate, fall in, pin, meld, know, branch off, wi-fi, associate, alarm, connected, see the light, close, afloat, diverge, plug in, concern, get the idea, extend, comprehend, join, make sense of something, disconnect, check against, come to, telecommunications, hit, equate, batter, beat, thump, touch on, interrelate, hook into, plug into, have a feel for something, patch through, communicate, stun, draw, secure, have-to doe with, charge, automate, interconnect, get in touch, consociate, conjugate, link up, contrast, concrete, board, get together, relate, tie, understand, unite, consort.

Usage examples: