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Definition of stimulant:

  1. Having the quality of increasing or exciting vital action.
  2. In med., anything which produces a sudden increase of vital energy and strength.


moonshine, grease, comment, push, carbohydrate, sauce, liquor, ascorbic acid, prod, nourishment, rum, foreplay, inebriant, incitation, tracer, encouragement, stimulating, aspartame, potable, stimulator, stimulus, persuasion, firewater, yeast, ardent spirits, excitant, propellant, drug, salts, hooch, juice, infill, goad, stimulation, coloring, bracer, remark, input signal, bottle, spur, booze, motivation, incentive, thickener, inducement, butterfat, diuretic, incitement, stimulant drug, stimulative, momentum, impetus, strong drink, lubricant, provocation, grog, John Barleycorn, energizer, boost, cause, instigation, caffeine, arousal, curd, drink, exhilarating, aqua vitae, tipple, prompt, intoxicant, input, spirits, additive, fillip, coolant, albumin, colouring, impulse, lush.

Usage examples: