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Definition of prompt:

  1. Ready and quick to act as occasion demands; quick without hesitation; done without delay; not dilatory; ready; told down, as prompt payment; unobstructed.
  2. To incite to action or exertion; to assist a speaker when forgetful or at a loss for words; to help at a loss; to suggest to the mind.


activate, spry, persuade, exalt, incite, touch off, stir up, brisk, locomote, convince, revolutionise, prompting, breathe in, box, command prompt, on time, nourishment, egg on, cheer, barrack, duly, prevail on, cue, exhort, make, remind, propel, button bar, warm, study at quick, urge on, diligent, lively, officious, vigorous, sprightly, spark, exeunt, timesaving, cell, checkbox, invigorate, sharp, exit, spur, right now, spark off, trip, enliven, impress, straight, fast, inducement, actuate, instanteous, come on, part, inaugurate, agile, go, blip, mobile, inhale, inspire, busy, industrious, stimulant, travel, animate, at once, ready, dissuade, active, Quick, straightaway, supple, contiguous, on the dot, trigger off, instantly, stage direction, suddenly, invent, blank, move, straight away, start off, instigate, alacritous, promptly, stimulus, act, avatar, nimble, timely, pep up, run, flying, displace, catalyze, expeditious, punctual, efficient, set off, bustling, bring about, form, time, make a motion, headlong, line, active window, button, quick, motivate, on-the-spot, well-timed, restless, wide awake, energetic, be active, in time, persuasion, root on, just-in-time, affect, revolutionize, immediate, create, willing, bar, proceed.

Usage examples: