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Definition of supplement:

  1. Any addition by which defects are supplied; an addition made to a published work or book to render it more complete; an additional sheet to a newspaper; in trig., the quantity by which an arc or an angle falls short of 180 degrees, or a semicircle.
  2. To add something to make more full and complete; to add to.


tag on, overrun, correlate, excursus, overflow, back, afterword, concomitant, deposit, accompaniment, boost, carnivore, add on, build in, appendix, fund, detox, stick on, body, tack on, include, embrace, addendum, adjunct, codicil, artwork, plus, raise, Atkins diet, invest in, incorporate, byline, disburse, auxiliary, accrual, settlement, down payment, cannibalism, blurb, analgesic, attachment, count in, hang on, article, surplus, advance, remittance, accoutrement, gain, cannibal, postscript, affix, announcement, contribution, increment, payment, cheesecake, anesthetic, banner headline, appurtenance, bear the cost/expense etc., appendage, overkill, take in, antidote, extension, uptick, antibiotic, centerfold, tack, finance, payback, overcapacity, accretion, anabolic steroid, binding, pay out, diet, accessory, expansion, brown-bag, improver, cartoon, supply, spare, rise, accessary, addition, abstemious, anaesthetic, involve, classified ad, subjunction, gratuity, crash diet, augmentation, step-up, excess, amphetamine, gear, acknowledgments, paraphernalia, anticoagulant, premium, more, pay, put up, antacid, advice column, antidepressant, spend, accouterment, append, proliferation, supplementation, subjoining, book.

Usage examples: