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Definition of tour:

  1. A going round; a circuit; hence, a journey in a circuit; a prolonged circuitous journey; a comprehensive excursion; as, the tour of Europe; the tour of France or England.
  2. A tower.
  3. A turn; a revolution; as, the tours of the heavenly bodies.
  4. anything done successively, or by regular order; a turn; as, a tour of duty.
  5. To make a tourm; as, to tour throught a country.


patch, see, cruise, hang-up, move, extemporize, turn, entertain, circle, halt, bend, fling, duty tour, tenure, visit, charm, do, limp, inning, hinderance, snag, interference, bit, twist, round, on the lecture circuit, trick, conjure, play, stretch, stint, appear, go, trance, rub, debut, tour of duty, watch, bout, go on, whirl, preventive, incumbrance, routine, stoppage, ecstasy, commute, term of enlistment, preventative, emcee, while, traveling, circuit, good turn, lap, hindrance, spell, amuse, pilgrimage, encumbrance, stay, electric circuit, hug drug, enchantment, pass, crossing, on the talk show circuit, call, go game, time, drop by, magical spell, racing circuit, piece, away, look in, crack, hitch, orbit, swing by, disco biscuit, check, absent, repetition, circumference, pay someone/something a visit/call, transit, shift, call on, hobble, arrest, turn of events, magic spell, electrical circuit, come over, enlistment, offer, turning, assignment, exploration, number, stop, crook, cristal, flight, day trip, act, go around.

Usage examples: