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Definition of austere:

  1. Severe in modes of judging, or living, or acting; rigid; rigorous; stern; as, an austere man, look, life.
  2. Sour and astringent; rough to the state; having acerbity; as, an austere crab apple; austere wine.
  3. Unadorned; unembellished; severely simple.


life-threatening, everlasting, gross, grievous, Spartan, unforgiving, nonindulgent, grave, sodding, morose, staring, severe, hot, stark, abstemious, inexorable, terrible, double-dyed, for bidding, utter, perfect, wicked, crude, ascetic, unappeasable, stiff, hard, complete, consummate, thoroughgoing, desolate, arrant, modest, dangerous, study atsevere, plain, ascetical, unyielding, serious, unrelenting, attitude, knockout, stern, barren, unmitigated.

Usage examples: