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Definition of crab:

  1. A well- known crustacean or shell- fish; one of the signs of the zodiac; a wild apple; a peevish morose person; an engine with three claws for launching ships.
  2. A wooden apparatus something like a capstan, and used for similar purposes.


crab louse, shout out, duck, whiner, griper, murmurer, critic, wet blanket, call, growler, bellyache, hollo, dark meat, alopecia, shout, scream, bitch, scourge, cowrie, curmudgeon, crabby person, Phthirius pubis, cancer, screech, conch, complainer, shrew, genus Cancer, hothead, perfectionist, grouser, bellyacher, abalone, barnacle, malignant neoplastic disease, alcoholism, gripe, amenorrhoea, shellfish, cockleshell, croaker, grinch, stickler, mutterer, bivalve, grouse, skreigh, holler, purist, ground beef, faultfinder, grump, crabmeat, goose, diva, crank, screak, holler out, amenorrhea, squawk, grumbler, happy, chicken, backbite, ADHD, pubic louse, ADD, cockle, grouch, cancer the crab, amnesia, bacon, sorehead, acne, sourpuss, bear, allergy, yell, acidity, crawfish, fusser, horseflesh, squall, skreak, cry, crosspatch, beef, clam.

Usage examples: