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Definition of materialize:

  1. To appear as a material form; to take substantial shape.
  2. To cause to assume a character appropriate to material things; to occupy with material interests; as, to materialize thought.
  3. To invest with material characteristics; to make perceptible to the senses; hence, to present to the mind through the medium of material objects.
  4. To make visable in, or as in, a material form; - said of spirits.
  5. To regard as matter; to consider or explain by the laws or principles which are appropriate to matter.


take place, personalize, bechance, unfold, do, find, personify, realize, materialise, pass, chance, see, develop, form, hap, befall, actualize, happen, pass off, bump, grow, come about, encounter, evolve, substitute, disintegrate, fall out, body forth, go on, issue, incarnate, objectify, loom, exteriorize, metamorphose, occur, coalesce, externalize, substantiate, dissolve.

Usage examples: