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Definition of nominate:

  1. To call; to entitle; to denominate.
  2. To mention by name; to name.
  3. To name, or designate by name, for an office or place; to appoint; esp., to name as a candidate for an election, choice, or appointment; to propose by name, or offer the name of, as a candidate for an office or place.
  4. To set down in express terms; to state.


found, plant, arouse, pee, assert, provide, can, earn, discover, project, house, describe, brook, pull in, defecate, contribute, charge, raise, urinate, suggest, post, realize, support, appoint, realise, hold, advise, cause, decide, bear, invoke, arrive at, stool, list, suffer, induce, pass water, bring in, erect, endure, reach, bring up, choose, make up, make water, refer, get, aim, stir, draft, rear, work, call, evoke, call down, identify, stimulate, puddle, piddle, be, stick out, form, produce, choice, tolerate, shit, gain, have, purport, prepare, pretend, score, key out, abide, throw, submit, designate, conjure up, get to, progress to, domiciliate, ca-ca, conjure, state, key, stand, crap, fix, spend a penny, call forth, make believe, establish, propose, diagnose, name, stomach, create, put forward, relieve oneself, pop the question, clear, ready, tin, advert, set up, specify, cite, draw, micturate, wee, constitute, digest, seduce, hit, construct, declare oneself, make, tap, wee-wee, put up, designate for election, purpose, lay down, take a crap, take a shit, give, offer, build, take, piss, do, cook, comprise, attain, represent, distinguish, posit, pee-pee, take a leak, mention, institute, take in.

Usage examples: