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Definition of revel:

  1. A feast with loose and noisy jollity; riotous festivity or merrymaking; a carousal.
  2. See Reveal.
  3. To draw back; to retract.
  4. To feast in a riotous manner; to carouse; to act the bacchanalian; to make merry.
  5. To move playfully; to indulge without restraint.


transport, whoop it up, entertainment, please, festivity, luxuriate, rejoice, roll, riot, indulge, make happy, toast, wallow, ravish, enthrall, relish, like, make merry, racket, revelry, triumph, hell, enthral, enjoy, celebration, savour, wassail, enchant, bask, drink, jollify, enrapture, roister, laughter, restraint, make whoopie, savor, delight, love, rollick, pledge.

Usage examples: