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Definition of scrap:

  1. Same as iron, below.
  2. Something scraped off; hence, a small piece; a bit; a fragment; a detached, incomplete portion.
  3. Specifically, a fragment of something written or printed; a brief excerpt; an unconnected extract.
  4. The crisp substance that remains after drying out animal fat; as, pork scraps.


micro chip, molecule, waste, challenge, speckle, methamphetamine, fleck, jot, butt, armed combat, potato chip, codswallop, glass, cow dung, pan, turn, scum, shard, patch, bite, trifle, ort, corpuscle, trash, trumpery, throw away, dapple, battle, snowflake, tripe, oddment, number, crisp, ice, rubbish, junked, second, tear apart, cow chip, poker chip, argufy, microprocessor chip, big, silicon chip, chalk, wish-wash, element, leftover, splintering, engagement, altercate, deoxyephedrine, minim, end, chip shot, dram, snatch, shabu, fight, minute, brawl, buffalo chip, remnant, fragment, cast-off, moment, scintilla, eccentric person, eccentric, throw out, remainder, dump, tittle, competitiveness, geek, portion, piece, oddball, microchip, chipping, chip, gainsay, squabble, routine, applesauce, ditch, quarrel, conflict, fragment, ounce, dot, methamphetamine hydrochloride, fighting, chicken feed, act, bit, mo, stub, meth, dispute, dispose of, keep, spot, crank, flake, maculation, scruple, discarded, useless, chuck, combat, folderol, junk.

Usage examples: