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Definition of thunderbolt:

  1. A belemnite, or thunderstone.
  2. A shaft of lightning; a brilliant stream of electricity passing from one part of the heavens to another, or from the clouds to the earth.
  3. Something resembling lightning in suddenness and effectiveness.
  4. Vehement threatening or censure; especially, ecclesiastical denunciation; fulmination.


longbow, affront, crash, stroke, fury, landfall, zinger, flash, peal, pike, chain lightning, dirk, blow, flash of lightning, halberd, bombshell, lightning, bolt, thunderclap, catapult, revelation, battleax, crack, mace, thunderpeal, roll, a first, lance, angry, clap of thunder, eye, crossbow, cutlass, storm cloud, sheet lightning, scandal, surprise, shock, dash, a rude awakening, deadbolt, thunderstroke, forked lightning, bolt of lightning, boom, a blinding revelation/realization/vision.

Usage examples: