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Definition of transportation:

  1. The act of transporting, or the state of being transported; carriage from one place to another; removal; conveyance.
  2. Transport; ecstasy.


raptus, vehicle, acid, exaltation, dit, emigration, move, expat, conveying, expatriation, rapture, confinement, deportee, out-migration, carry-over, window pane, conveyance of title, carrying, internment, public transport, portage, conveyance, merchant vessels, tape transport, link, expatriate, hard labor, correctional, transferral, dose, ostracism, banishment, transportation system, department of transportation, life imprisonment, public transportation, merchant marine, exile, lift, service, ferriage, shipping, life, transport, moving, ecstasy, reward, tape drive, cargo ships, extraordinary rendition, transferee, transfer of training, carting, pane, freightage, superman, telpherage, extradition, air lift, transfer, back breaker, theodolite, imparting, prison, fare, communication, transit, departure, arrivals, battery-acid, imprisonment, accept, menu, life sentence, point, impartation, deportation, mass transit, transferring, loony toons, hauling, conveyancing.

Usage examples: