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Definition of acclamation:

  1. A representation, in sculpture or on medals, of people expressing joy.
  2. A shout of approbation, favor, or assent; eager expression of approval; loud applause.
  3. In parliamentary usage, the act or method of voting orally and by groups rather than by ballot, esp. in elections;
  4. the election of a pope or other ecclesiastic by unanimous consent of the electors, without a ballot.


flattery, approbation, approval, adulation, cheer, rave, encomium, plaudits, compliment, eulogy, plaudit, panegyric, acclaim, r├ęclame, a pat on the back, cheering, commendation, eclat, respect, admiration, pomp, regard, sycophancy, recognition, cheers, credit, laudation, applause, kudos, brownie points.

Usage examples: