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Definition of communion:

  1. Familiar intercourse between two or more persons; intimate intercourse or union; concord; a body of Christians who have the same tenets of belief and forms of worship; the celebration of the Lord's Supper, or the partaking of it.


fellowship, persuasion, sect, conference, holy communion, benediction, confabulation, conversation, interaction, knowledge, self-expression, Bible thumper, parley, articulation, Calvinism, association, baptize, denomination, acolyte, colloquy, correspondence, beadle, sacramental manduction, religion, liaison, chat, intercourse, Amish, catechism, celebrate, Benedictine, mastication, call down, union, communication, Baptist, discourse, the Book of Common Prayer, chewing, contact, chew, Christendom, faith, baptise, benefice, share-out, accord, dialogue, transmission, amen, cross-fertilization, church, agreement, rapprochement, sharing, manduction, converse, intercommunication, anthem, Anglican, talk.

Usage examples: