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Definition of prostrate:

  1. Lying at length; extended on the ground; lying at mercy, as a suppliant; thrown down in the humblest adoration.
  2. To lay flat or at length; to throw down; to demolish; to fall down in adoration; to bow in humble reverence; to reduce totally or exhaust, as the strength.


pooped, bland, soft, wasted, debilitated, low, mat, fell, wiped out, cut down, adoration, played out, knock down, monotonic, floor, tired, sprawled, develop, two-dimensional, savourless, knackered, done in, compressed, insipid, frail, flatten, categoric, limp, bow, logy, jaded, matte, beat, down-and-out, engulf, enervated, weakened, bushed, washed-out, burned-out, spread, run-down, fatigued, languid, rise, prostrated, drop, weary, flavorless, wimpish, weak, glory, on your last legs, ground, effete, wearied, supine, procumbent, prone, delicate, overcome, flat, feeble, worn, matted, communicate, dozy, cause, dead, decumbent, open, down, tuckered, done, hallelujah, aweary, lying, spent, recumbent, faint, infect, all in, tapped out, wimpy, docile, sapped, asthenic, plane, idolatry, drained, unconditional, alleluia, subservient, categorical, bring down, bleary, horizontal, magnify, matt, go around, slight, worn-out, beaten, transmit, unerect, unsubstantial, offer up, genuflect, bow down, exhausted, infirm, carry, monotonous, throw, pass on, strike down, obedient, affect, give, overcome, overwhelm, flavourless, devotions, savorless, face downward, deck, drowsy, softened, vapid, crush, spreadeagled, hosanna, level, enfeebled, sleepy, monotone, tender, overpower.

Usage examples: