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Definition of quench:

  1. To become extinguished; to go out; to become calm or cool.
  2. To cool suddenly, as heated steel, in tempering.
  3. To extinguish; to overwhelm; to make an end of; - said of flame and fire, of things burning, and figuratively of sensations and emotions; as, to quench flame; to quench a candle; to quench thirst, love, hate, etc.


do away with, restraint, muffle, blanket, choke, drain, tackle, blow out, squash, have, suppress, drink up, press out, slosh, crush out, squelch, put out, slack, moisten, assuage, abate, fight a fire/blaze, placate, stay, still, ease, swallow, squeeze, carry off, repress, quash, extinguish, remove, gentle, throw away, eradicate, dispose of, put down, dampen, mollify, choke off, blow, stub out, splash, slop, continue, consume, slake, throttle, conciliate, quell, beat out, splosh, stamp out, discard, alleviate, eliminate, gag, imbibe, pacify, polish off, gruntle, crush, annihilate, win, hush, drink, squish, get rid of, douse, decimate, snuff, hold down, wipe out, palliate, dump, hold back, replace, lenify, strangle, snuff out, stifle, mash, taste, burke, relieve, allay, sit on, smother, shed, burn out.

Usage examples: