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Definition of splash:

  1. To bespatter with water or mud, or suchlike; to strike or dash about water or slush.
  2. Water or slush thrown upon anything, particularly from a puddle.


sputter, besprinkle, peanuts, publish, chip, spark, lap, sink, glimmer, shadow, clip-clop, scruple, spatter, crunch, boast, tint, squeeze, snap, slosh, wash, swagger, submerge, ding, trace, blight, go down, touch, skosh, put out, slop, report, scatter, sparge, disperse, speck, crash around, respray, shade, tout, smidgen, sputtering, bluster, crumb, crush, swill, mash, bang, come in, little, patter, slush, splatter, burnout, pat, gas, deepen, beat, catch, clink, burble, river, blow, screech, blemish, suspicion, click, shred, soup├žon, splashing, bustle, go under, spill, quench, print, breakage, squelch, carry, thunder, ounce, trickle, moisture, streak, brighten, crack, dunk, clack, go to press, hustle, bruise, bubble, dye, chink, course, drop, slush around, leak, shading, move, squash, plop, band, redden, scintilla, babble, squish, swim, fleck, serialize, cough, clangor, sprinkling, splattering, blister, quell, mite, stir, splosh, strike, discoloration, condensation, color, fade, dram, point, brag, pleach, driblet, flurry, run, blacken, clatter, clash, lick, dash, splutter, tad, shoot a line, paint, sip, grate, rumble, dust, tap, dab, vaunt, spattering, channel, groan, pitter-patter, ado, patina, nip, bit, crest, ray, rattle, plash, bleach, gasconade, cast up, burn, smell, break, dash, strain, fuss, smack, ace, buzz, bespatter, swash, jet, spit, hint, slosh around, bump, burst, gurgle, blaze, duck, dot, spot.

Usage examples: