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Definition of beggar:

  1. One who assumes in argument what he does not prove.
  2. One who begs; one who asks or entreats earnestly, or with humility; a petitioner.
  3. One who is dependent upon others for support; - a contemptuous or sarcastic use.
  4. One who makes it his business to ask alms.
  5. To cause to seem very poor and inadequate.
  6. To reduce to beggary; to impoverish; as, he had beggared himself.


suppliant, indigent, cadger, have-not, parasite, derelict, pauperise, pauper, bummer, suitor, friar, dependent, pauperize, almsman, rich, scoundrel, supplicant, prayer, financier, rascal, bankrupt, scamp, down-and-outer, mendicant, prodigal, donor, almswoman, request, fellow, millionaire, down-and-out.

Usage examples: