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Definition of bunk:

  1. A piece of wood placed on a lumberman's sled to sustain the end of heavy timbers.
  2. A wooden case or box, which serves for a seat in the daytime and for a bed at night.
  3. One of a series of berths or bed places in tiers.
  4. To go to bed in a bunk; - sometimes with in.


beat, lodge, guff, nonplus, office, drum, post, lead, trounce, flap, place, puzzle, crush, thrash, frill, rotting, break, chip, prevail, tend, mooring, elude, bestow, head for the hills, feed bunk, gimcrack, outsmart, hunt, domicile, exhaust, buncombe, bewilder, mystify, gimcrackery, bleed, flow, moorage, gravel, dogshit, consort, black market, function, rubbish, take to the woods, trumpery, thresh, outwit, scramble, situation, amaze, melt down, incline, dumbfound, go, chip off, tick, billet, flail, thrum, vex, get off, fly the coop, die hard, put up, perplex, meaninglessness, falderol, tucker out, campaign, tucker, run away, ticktack, miss, pulsate, break loose, stick, work, overreach, built-in bed, flummox, rot, move, hightail it, splinter, room, folderal, play, protection, lam, ticktock, course, get away, berth, race, spot, turn tail, thump, stupefy, vanquish, putrefaction, quarter, get by, guide, run for, come off, range, be given, ply, run, persist, pass, break off, outfox, pose, shell, board, operate, carry, Irish bull, bunkum, pallet, pound, escape, feed, track down, scat, hunt down, hokum, baffle, slip, beat out, work over, scarper, nonsense, circumvent, wash up, lean, draw, ladder, position, crap, get, get out, accommodate, secede, shit, bullshit, bull, house, nonsensicality, endure, extend, execute, quiver, decomposition, harbor, hogwash, horseshit, melt, unravel, break out, bunk bed, beat up, break away.

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