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Definition of consolidate:

  1. To form into a compact mass; to make dense and firm; to unite or combine into one; to bring together separate parts, as of a broken bone; to grow firm and hard.


unite, break down, condense, boost, fuse, clear, piece together, incorporate, confirm, fortify, compress, redouble, pack, cut, boil up, conjoin, concrete, step up, thicken, match up, beef, blend, amp, sever, combine, coalesce, make certain, bake, bind, put together, boil over, boil, cloud, concenter, boil away, center, assemble, harmonize, crystallize, compact, meld, yoke, hang together, concentrate, compound, strengthen, reinforce, complement, underline, crystalize, centralize, heighten, magnify, go with, mix, gel, hitch, conjugate, amplify, link, build up, solidify, bubble, accentuate, deepen, amass, unify, add to, atomize, assure, concatenate, mass, enhance, polarize.

Usage examples: