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Definition of snare:

  1. A line or string with a running noose to catch small animals, as hares or rabbits; a net; a trap; that which may entangle or bring into trouble.
  2. To entrap; to entangle; to bring into unexpected evil.


pin down, hole, knock off, trammel, immobilise, prank, cop, bunker, safety, lift, trick, knock rummy, thieve, net, subterfuge, bilk, immobilize, cheat, lying in wait, ambush, throttle, pin, gin rummy, confine, restrict, study at trap, yap, trap, dodge, ensnare, pilfer, slip noose, pluck, swindle, creel, deceive, web, cockpit, abstract, restrain, soak, snarf, entrap, frame, fishing rod, ambuscade, decoy, nobble, big game, string along, filch, toil, tanglement, quagmire, bite, blood sports, plume, glom, surcharge, mh, entanglement, running noose, side drum, crochet, barb, quicksand, gazump, cakehole, sand trap, fishing line, drifter, pinch, noose, ruse, double-cross, gin, dupe, lure, bag, morass, rip off, scheme, fleece, snare drum, cabbage, cotton gin, purloin, dirty tricks, maw, drift net, addict, angling, bait, snitch, gob, lure, dragnet, overcharge, cast, hoax, set up, solicit, hook, ploy, accost, sneak, limit, rob, bound, swipe, like.

Usage examples: