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Definition of wrinkle:

  1. A notion or fancy; a whim; as, to have a new wrinkle.
  2. A small ridge, prominence, or furrow formed by the shrinking or contraction of any smooth substance; a corrugation; a crease; a slight fold; as, wrinkle in the skin; a wrinkle in cloth.
  3. A winkle.
  4. hence, any roughness; unevenness.
  5. Hence, to make rough or uneven in any way.
  6. To contract into furrows and prominences; to make a wrinkle or wrinkles in; to corrugate; as, wrinkle the skin or the brow.
  7. To shrink into furrows and ridges.


concoction, note, ancestry, creation, blight, graze, gimmick, flexure, melody, descent, short letter, bruise, plication, glitch, occupation, breakage, kick, pipeline, crumble, brainchild, stemma, telephone circuit, dividing line, bloodline, crispen, line of reasoning, ridge, ruffle up, pedigree, argumentation, line of merchandise, ruck, blood, tumble, demarcation, ruffle, chip, assembly line, cockle, burn, origin, teething problems, rake, hitch, follicle, the thin end of the wedge, beauty mark, subscriber line, furrow, squat, line of business, burnout, excite, jut, grimace, line of credit, melodic phrase, contrast, tune, rimple, chamfer, freckle, creese, personal line of credit, twist, crump, frown, crinkle, epidermis, kris, knit, lineage, thud, air, blister, course, break, smooth, line of products, kicker, product line, hunker down, dermis, bank line, line of descent, argument, billet, line, cuticle, ruckle, communication channel, coinage, crush, purse, channel, glower, lower, bed, hunker, personal credit line, buckle, agate line, rail line, innovation, railway line, groove, crack, ability, flesh, telephone line, bother, strain, angle, toast, glare, blood line, triviality, crease, break down, mess up, job, cable, scrunch, phone line, (just) the tip of the iceberg, blemish, blip, rut, chamfer, bend, good, pout, parentage, plica, production line, business line, rumple, crouch, scrunch up, line of work, transmission line, melodic line, bug out, birthmark, stock, chase, logical argument, beauty spot, credit line, collapse, hiccup, seam, crumple, mug, business, crisp.

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