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Definition of ounce:

  1. A feline quadruped ( Felis irbis, uncia) resembling the leopard in size, and somewhat in color, but it has longer and thicker fur, which forms a short mane on the back.
  2. A weight, the sixteenth part of a pound avoirdupois, and containing 437 grains.
  3. Fig.: A small portion; a bit.
  4. The twelfth part of a troy pound.


dram, one sixteenth of a pint, crumb, bit, damn, ort, trifle, big, iota, drop, jot, big, whit, diddly, speck, dash, mite, measure, iota, shred, fragment, smidgen, troy ounce, spot, molecule, minim, dab, Panthera Uncia, snow leopard, modicum, fluid ounce, oz., jot, avoirdupois ounce, rap, whit, tittle, scruple, grain, scrap, shred, dot, hoot, apothecaries' ounce, particle.

Usage examples: