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Definition of retain:

  1. To belong; to pertain.
  2. To continue to hold; to keep in possession; not to lose, part with, or dismiss; to retrain from departure, escape, or the like.
  3. To keep in pay; to employ by a preliminary fee paid; to hire; to engage; as, to retain a counselor.
  4. To keep; to continue; to remain.
  5. To restrain; to prevent.


go forward, prevail, fulfil, give, bind, go along, wait, restrain, confine, hold, arrest, defend, oblige, detain, go on, celebrate, stop, continue, proceed, take for, stay with, forbear, go for, think, learn, curb, stay on, hold on, take hold, defy, observe, concord, conduct, husband, remain, withstand, contain, control, turn back, harbor, declare, remember, recollect, apply, revive, bethink, save, have got, agree, work, obtain, guard, stay fresh, obligate, adjudge, entertain, stay, own, cover, moderate, get, hold back, halt, hold open, concur, refrain, conceal, deem, put away, take, sustain, carry on, make, accommodate, check, protect, persist in, carry, view as, admit, obey, extend, hold in, support, keep, keep going, engage, bear on, uphold, nurse, harbour, throw, take on, book, hold off, employ, hold up, mind, keep back, keep open, keep on, bear, reminisce, hire, possess.

Usage examples: