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Definition of wassail:

  1. A festive or drinking song or glee.
  2. An ancient expression of good wishes on a festive occasion, especially in drinking to some one.
  3. An occasion on which such good wishes are expressed in drinking; a drinking bout; a carouse.
  4. Of or pertaining to wassail, or to a wassail; convivial; as, a wassail bowl.
  5. The liquor used for a wassail; esp., a beverage formerly much used in England at Christmas and other festivals, made of ale ( or wine) flavored with spices, sugar, toast, roasted apples, etc.; - called also lamb's wool.
  6. To hold a wassail; to carouse.


subscribe, crispen, delight, booze, drink in, festival, plight, jollify, imbibe, present, drink, carousal, cheers, festivity, make happy, enjoy, toast, salutation, salute, make merry, feast, revel, acknowledgment, racket, fuddle, pledge, tope, crisp, whoop it up, make whoopie.

Usage examples: