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Definition of impregnate:

  1. Impregnated; made prolific.
  2. To become pregnant.
  3. To come into contact with ( an ovum or egg) so as to cause impregnation; to fertilize; to fecundate.
  4. To infuse an active principle into; to render fruitful or fertile in any way; to fertilize; to imbue.
  5. To infuse particles of another substance into; to communicate the quality of another to; to cause to be filled, imbued, mixed, or furnished ( with something); as, to impregnate India rubber with sulphur; clothing impregnated with contagion; rock impregnated with ore.
  6. To make pregnant; to cause to conceive; to render prolific; to get with child or young.


instil, smash, teach, bang-up, transfuse, instill, inculcate, prang up, saturate, procreate, full, tincture, steep, conceive, catechize, infuse, charge, smash up, implant, fill up, produce, propagate, freight, indoctrinate, impress, knock up, ingrain.

Usage examples: