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Definition of infuse:

  1. Infusion.
  2. To inspire; to inspirit or animate; to fill; - followed by with.
  3. To instill, as principles or qualities; to introduce.
  4. To make an infusion with, as an ingredient; to tincture; to saturate.
  5. To pour in, as a liquid; to pour ( into or upon); to shed.
  6. To steep in water or other fluid without boiling, for the propose of extracting medicinal qualities; to soak.


instil, inspire, engross, prang up, plunge, tincture, ingrain, engulf, steep, absorb, inculcate, soak up, impregnate, bang up, dry, introduce, instill, cook, transfuse, impress, immerse, implant, knock up.

Usage examples: