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Definition of sale:

  1. Opportunity of selling; demand; market.
  2. Public disposal to the highest bidder, or exposure of goods in market; auction.
  3. See 1st Sallow.
  4. The act of selling; the transfer of property, or a contract to transfer the ownership of property, from one person to another for a valuable consideration, or for a price in money.


departmental, economics, customer care, acquisitions, offered for purchase, clearance, disposal, closeout, churn rate, exchange, buying, branch, on the block, sales agreement, buyer's market, barter, direct marketing, selling, on sale, credit rating, call, fire sale, change, customer services, available, traffic, divisional, under the hammer, dog-and-pony show, business, saleable, back office, detail, desk, listed, launch, advertised, cut-rate sale, sales event, arm, on the auction block, clearance sale, dumping, negotiation, sellout, trade, swap meet, marketable, up for sale, transaction, marketing, division, purchase, cross-selling, to be sold, deal, rollout, department, garage sale, cold call, aftermarket, on auction, commerce.

Usage examples: