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Definition of replace:

  1. To place again; to restore to a former place, position, condition, or the like.
  2. To put in a new or different place.
  3. To refund; to repay; to restore; as, to replace a sum of money borrowed.
  4. To supply or substitute an equivalent for; as, to replace a lost document.
  5. To take the place of; to supply the want of; to fulfull the end or office of.


flip-flop, damage, interchange, counterchange, patch, redeem, convert, supervene upon, tack, rearrange, restore, redress, flip, supersede, sub, follow, renew, take over, compensate, return, reinstate, succeed, supercede, reimburse, substitute, reestablish, repair, lose, reconstruct, make good, switch over, deputize, stand in, repay, replenish, surrogate, oust, keep, knock back, fill in, step in, set back, deputise, increase, give back, mend, supplant, transpose, put back, refund.

Usage examples: