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Definition of antique:

  1. In general, anything very old; but in a more limited sense, a relic or object of ancient art; collectively, the antique, the remains of ancient art, as busts, statues, paintings, and vases.
  2. Made in imitation of antiquity; as, the antique style of Thomson's Castle of Indolence.
  3. Odd; fantastic.
  4. Old, as respects the present age, or a modern period of time; of old fashion; antiquated; as, an antique robe.
  5. Old; ancient; of genuine antiquity; as, an antique statue. In this sense it usually refers to the flourishing ages of Greece and Rome.


out-of-date, mossback, old hand, out-of-date, unfashionable, unstylish, oldtimer, old stager, superannuated, pass, outmoded, fusty, old, quaint, new, olden, stager, vintage, timeworn, bygone, old fashioned, study at, honcho, outdated, warhorse, veteran, demode, old-time, out of fashion, foreman, passe, dated, dowdy, obsolete, obsolescent, old geezer, old-timer, old-hat, boss, gaffer, chief, age-old, passee, hoary, ex, antiquate.

Usage examples: