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Definition of super:

  1. A prefix signifying " above"; over; in excess; super has sometimes the French form sur.


mighty, passing, astronomical, gigantic, galactic, gigantesque, chief of police, grand, enormous, extremely, mega, pleasant, exceedingly, leviathan, cosmic, pharaonic, cyclopean, prodigious, bobby, enjoyable, tremendous, ace, king-size, monumental, attractive, herculean, relaxing, pleasing, superior, gargantuan, deputy, cop, tops, big, captain, lovely, jumbo, crack, Himalayan, nice, supersize, large, cadet, topnotch, top-notch, giant, a-one, monstrous, colossal, pleasurable, overseer, oceanic, super-duper, mammoth, supersized, monster, vast, copper, planetary, superintendent, Brobdingnagian, mountainous, highly, commissioner, first-rate, whacking, tiptop, whopping, walloping, bumper, restful, constable, immense, Cdr., massive, heroic, comprehensive, cheerful, vasty, humongous, titanic, elephantine.

Usage examples: