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Definition of condemn:

  1. To pronounce guilty; to censure; to blame; to sentence to punishment; to declare to be unfit for use or service.


excoriate, punish, call for, acquit, acquittal, pull down, count against, award, fault, embarrass, jab, bring in a verdict, bar, dis, sentence, wreck, convict, doom, correct, sentence, citation, proscribe, law, knock down, fate, plague, reprobate, tear down, reprove, censure, praise, slate, reprehend, cry foul, reprobate, inhibit, knock, disadvantage, pillory, burden, bash, bring up against, blame, let down, gut, decry, excuse, level, objurgate, deplore, annul, designate, hold back, demolish, bring/call/hold someone to account, doom, anathematize, destine, adjudge, lambast, denounce, raze, dispraise, reprimand, pan, chafe, throttle, slag.

Usage examples: